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Bed Bugs

Beg Bugs Preparation & Extermination Service

1. What are bed bugs and what do they look like? 

2. Preparation Punch List 

  • Remove all items from furniture interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Remove light switch cover ups
  • Remove all items mounted to walls and unpack shelves & boxes (frames, book cases, CDs, everything).
  • Vacuum daily prior to service date, remove vacuum bag and pour hot water onto the bag (do not dispose of in your building or house).
  • Leave all items and leave preferably in mid floor, please place them away from the baseboards.
  • Purchase mattress cover to contain the bed bugs until service date.
  • Contrary to what most say, it’s almost impossible to remove bed bugs from mattress so we advise throwing it out.
  • Launder all clothes in hot water prior to service date.
3. Most Common Areas Bedbugs Reside

  • Seams, crevices, mattress, box spring, bed frame, picture frames, headboard, clothes, lining, drawers, electrical outlets, cabinets, furniture, etc.***Many of our clients suffer horribly from itching and some have small bit marks.

4. Treatment

  • Please allow 7 to 10 days for treatment to work. We ask that you vacate the unit during treatment.

5. Pricing

  • Please call for pricing.

6. Supplies

  • We use a secret ingredient to treat along with industrial supplies.

We hope to hear from you soon. Bed bugs are easily transported so please be careful.

Our Services Include:

  • Initial Treatment
  • treatments total, up to 2 Follow-up treatments
  • Vinyl Mattress Covers

A service guarantee is provided for 90 days commencing from the original day of treatment.

Service includes treating the entire home, which includes: one mattress, one box spring, one bed frame (platform bed drawers, if applicable), one sofa, all baseboards, all dressers, all bookshelves, all wall units, all closets and all floors/carpets. Insecticide dust is applied and used as a barrier treatment which provides 6 months preventive control of bedbugs and other common insects.

Sanitation and customer cooperation can play a significant role for effective pest control. A home must be properly prepared as it is essential for effective treatment. Failure to comply with preparation may greatly reduce the likelihood of successful control. If a resident refuses or is not fully prepared for service, and we cannot safely treat the apartment, service will not be provided.

Are You Renting an Apartment?

Is your landlord responsible for treating BB? Want to know your rights? Please visit the links below:

Information and Resources for New York City Residents

Bed Bugs and the Law in New York City

Tenants’ Rights Guide

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